Where to eat in Pagsanjan, Laguna?

Are you looking for a list of the best restaurants in Pagsanjan?
Cap off your shooting the rapids adventure with Pagsanjan's culinary gems!

Calle Arco Restaurant
Located along Rizal St., just after Arco Real, is this former ancestral home turned into a bed and breakfast. Owned by Mr. Ronaldo Cabrega, this food establishment showcases curious items for pasalubong such as nata de calamansi (~Php250/jar) and tomato prunes (~Php400/jar). Both are stuffed with nata de coco before being preserved with a light sugar syrup. And since it's in Laguna, their menu is peppered with dishes that highlight their local agricultural produce. Their appetizer pako salad with kesong puti (fiddlehead fern salad with goat cheese and coconut vinegar dressing) is light and fresh. For those wanting a more heavy meal, they have sinigang na baka (beef in sour broth) with langka(jackfruit). Adding the jackfruit to the broth once the beef is tender creates a thick soup texture similar to adding gabi (taro) which is what some cooks do in other parts of the country. Their best-sellers include hurnong lechon (oven-cooked pork belly), garlic chicken and sizzling pork chop. Craving for something sweet? Try their crepes and fruit shakes.
Portion size for the main course is generous (2-3 people sharing per meal). 

Comida Exotica
If you are into trying unusual eats, then perhaps this restaurant may interest you. Located along Gen.Taino Street in Pagsanjan, Comida Exotica serves frogs, sting ray, sharks and eels. Not in the mood for exotic fare, fret not as they also have "normal" food like crabs cooked in coconut milk, sinigang and sauteed vegetables.

Aling Taleng's Halu-halo
What Ms. Editha dela Fuente started in 1933 is now considered an institution in Pagsanjan, definitely a must-try restaurant if only to taste their famous halu-halo. So what makes their halu-halo better than the rest? Seven ingredients (added to ice), that's what -kundol,  ube halayamonggo (mung beans), macapuno, white beans, kaong and preserved tumbong ng niyog (coconut pearl). Truly unique, this mouth-watering concoction is never to be missed when you're in Pagsanjan. This alone is enough of a reason to visit the town. The staff are all patient and proud when asked about their food. They serve other Filipino food like crispy pork binagoongan and puto bumbong.

Balai Ilocos
New ilocano restaurant in Pagsanjan